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Mine my opinion? Part 4. Automatization!

Tena Belinić on 15 Jul 2019

Now, let’s automatize sentiment analysis! In our previous article, we discussed rule-based methods and how to implement them, but here we’ll teach you how to do it simpler and quicker.

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Mine my opinion? Part 3. How good you are with rules?

Tena Belinić on 06 Mar 2019

In first two articles, you learned everything about types and problems of sentiment analysis algorithm, but you still don't know how to actually create one. So, in this article, we'll get our hands dirty and start with the simple one - rule-based!

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Mine my opinion? Part 2. What’s so hard about sentiment analysis?

Tena Belinić on 17 Dec 2018

In our last article, we explained different types of sentiments analysis, and now, we’ll focus on problems!

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Mine my opinion? Part 1. Let’s start with basics – types

Tena Belinić on 06 Nov 2018

In our series of articles, you’ll learn everything about sentiment analysis and how to use it! First, we’ll start with types.

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Text classification - simple way to organize your data

Tena Belinić on 17 Sep 2018

Let’s talk about text classification – one of the most important and typical tasks in data science. We’ll explain its benefits, where to use it and show how to make order and organize some articles.

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Your first dive into Deep Learning

Tena Belinić on 28 Jun 2018

Today Deep Learning is the main trend in AI and neural networks are number one machine learning algorithms in the field of image classification and speech recognition. We decided to share our experience in this area and help you to start your own first deep learning project.

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Text processing problems with non-English languages

Tena Belinić on 03 Apr 2018

In our previous article, we started the discussion about text mining and talked about the most powerful text mining techniques for natural language processing. Now the time has come to talk about problems and difficulties appearing with processing any language that isn’t English.

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Mine your text and extract valuable data! Natural language processing tools

Tena Belinić on 15 Jan 2018

Recently word “mining” is heard in every corner. The reason is not only the bitcoin hype but also a wave of interest in machine learning tools and instruments to make customer behavior analysis. Text mining is one of such instruments. In the series of following articles, we will share with you the most powerful text mining techniques and identify some of the most used language processing tools. Also, we will clarify common issues with the text processing.

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Personality profile of social media users - how to get maximum from it

Tena Belinić on 13 Nov 2017

Today people’s profiles in social media can give a lot of information about their personality, preferences, style of life, products they would buy or things they would like. If you know how analyse user profiles using data science you get a magic key to the real picture of your customers. Find out how someones’s writing style in social media is defined by gender, age and personality.

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