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Mine your text and extract valuable data! Natural language processing tools

Tena Belinić on 15 Jan 2018

Recently word “mining” is heard in every corner. The reason is not only the bitcoin hype but also a wave of interest in machine learning tools and instruments to make customer behavior analysis. Text mining is one of such instruments. In the series of following articles, we will share with you the most powerful text mining techniques and identify some of the most used language processing tools. Also, we will clarify common issues with the text processing.

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Behaviour tracking - a tool to better understand your customers. Real business examples.

Magdalena Duvnjak on 03 Jan 2018

Happy New Year from Kraken! We are back from holidays and ready to start this year with a new article! The online tracking of customers behaviour has always raised a lot of questions - What actual benefit does it bring? How to measure its effectiveness? Does it violate customers privacy and is it legal at all? In our article we provide answers to these questions as well as share real business examples from our practice.

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Swagger integration with Django REST Framework

Matea Penezić on 05 Dec 2017

There are several possibilities for documenting API in Django REST framework. In this short tutorial you will learn how to include and set up Swagger UI with your Django projects.

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Stashing and tracking logs - Introduction

Daniel Romić on 20 Nov 2017

In this post we cover the need for tracking and aggregating various software logs and several software solutions that are currently available for this constantly growing niche.

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Personality profile of social media users - how to get maximum from it

Tena Belinić on 13 Nov 2017

Today people’s profiles in social media can give a lot of information about their personality, preferences, style of life, products they would buy or things they would like. If you know how analyse user profiles using data science you get a magic key to the real picture of your customers. Find out how someones’s writing style in social media is defined by gender, age and personality.

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