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Smeal College of Business visits Kraken

Tena Belinić on 26 Feb 2019

KrakenSystems welcomed MBA students from Smeal College of Business, USA.

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Are popups bad for your business?

Matija Galina on 14 Jan 2019

A short discussion about the existence and usage of pop-ups in a modern web environment or Why are they still a thing?

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Mine my opinion? Part 2. What’s so hard about sentiment analysis?

Tena Belinić on 17 Dec 2018

In our last article, we explained different types of sentiments analysis, and now, we’ll focus on problems!

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Pragmatic tracing

Neven Miculinić on 21 Nov 2018

A distributed system is one in which the failure of a computer you didn't even know existed can render your own computer unusable - Leslie Lamport

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Mine my opinion? Part 1. Let’s start with basics – types

Tena Belinić on 06 Nov 2018

In our series of articles, you’ll learn everything about sentiment analysis and how to use it! First, we’ll start with types.

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Migrating your self-hosted Elasticsearch to AWS Elasticsearch Service - a detailed guide

Daniel Romić on 30 Oct 2018

An in-depth guide for migrating your self-hosted Elasticsearch to AWS Elasticsearch Service.

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Cut bake and pack - Build machine images with Docker apps using Hashicorp Packer

Daniel Romić on 07 Oct 2018

Heard of Hashicorp's Packer? Here we take a quick dive in building an Ubuntu image with Docker apps within.

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Text classification - simple way to organize your data

Tena Belinić on 17 Sep 2018

Let’s talk about text classification – one of the most important and typical tasks in data science. We’ll explain its benefits, where to use it and show how to make order and organize some articles.

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Are you a truth seeker?

Daniel Romić on 13 Aug 2018

Establishing a truthful auditing is a challenge worth considering.

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Summer hacking school at FOI

Jasna Benčić on 25 Jul 2018

Kraken folks have attended and participated in FSec summer hacking school at Faculty of organization and informatics...

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