About us

We are a tech company that provides solution design, implementation and maintenance.

What started out as a two people working with Nextuser since 2013 grew into a team specialized in big-data and distributed systems. We have been working for an international giants like Nestle, Ferrero, Unilever and other well-known brands.

Designing scalable, distributed systems, development of those same systems as well as cloud management is what we do best. Processing vast amounts of real-time data with the help of latest machine learning technology and our technology and university partners means we are always at the cutting edge of technology. All of this allows us to deliver personalized content to worldwide partners and their users.

Everyone in Kraken wants to be a part of something great, which is why we cherry-pick our projects (pun intended) and prefer to be with you for the long-haul, as long as you need us, instead of leaving you stranded. If this sounds like a plan to you, head over to the contact page and let's get started today!

The team

Finding a good employee is a challenge. Putting together a team is next to impossible.

We've been through that and over the years managed to put together a world-class team of solution and system architects, developers, devops engineers, designers, managers and QA specialists. We have helped numerous startups and companies create rock-solid solutions, scale and reduce costs in a fraction of time it would take them to do it 'the old way'.

Kraken Ltd.

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