Kubernetes and Cloud Native Meetup#1

Tena Belinić on 01 Mar 2019

On 27 February Kraken organized the first Kubernetes and Cloud Native Meetup in Zagreb. This event was co-sponsored by Toptal. We had really great speakers and were excited with the number of visitors at our meetup!

If you interested in Kubernetes, containers (Docker, rkt, etc.) or Cloud Native Computing in general, follow us on: Kubernetes and Cloud Native Computing Croatia. Below you can check our program and download speakers presentations.

Program of the first Kubernetes and Cloud Native Meetup

0. Introduction

Our CTO, Dejan Strbad gave a welcoming speech and defined goals of this meetup group.


1. Kubernetes fundamentals

Igor Vuk, system administrator at Nimium

This lecture covered the basic building blocks of Kubernetes, along with some potential pitfalls that sysadmins might run into when managing on-premise Kubernetes deployments. Presentation is here.


2. Containers on IoT ARM devices: Kubernetes, docker and other hells

Neven Miculinić, DevOps/SRE at KrakenSystem

Deploying Kuberentes worker nodes on edge IoT devices brings considerable challenges. Those are often low powered ARM devices, sometimes not even having hardware floating point co-processor. They are RAM limited, and even their persistent store, eMMC, isn’t top performing hardware. In this talk, Neven presented optimization tuning and various tradeoffs for running kubernetes workers and container runtime on IoT ARM devices. Presentation is here.


3. An application security and DevSecOps primer for software companies

Tonimir Kišasondi, founder of Oru

This talk gave a primer on how to integrate application security practices into your organization, how to think about devsecops and how to merge those two with classic information security practices in order to have a modern, cloud native security practice in your organization. Presentation is here.


Thanks everyone for coming to first Kubernetes and Cloud Native meetup. We are looking forward to next meetup!

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