Kraken was bought by Google

Jasna Benčić on 28 May 2018

Wait, it’s not April 1st today? No? Well, it is always a good day for a joke and life is too short to be always serious!

Relax, Google didn’t buy us. :) It was our favorite IT security event FSec Underground (which happened on May 11th 2018) that made us so excited for cracking jokes and where we have met some old friends who are actually working for Google.

For those who don’t know what FSec Underground is about we can say that in short: it is a pure geeky happiness! A longer description would be: a mini event about hottest news from the IT security world and how it functions in the modern world. It is also an awesome way to exchange experience with real professionals in this field and have fun as well!

Main topic that our friends from Google presented was: Threat intelligence, detection and response at scale. If I had to describe briefly what does that mean I would say: “Gather information about potential attackers and create defense model against them!” Sounds easy at first but this is just scratching the surface.

For more details you’ll have to Google it. Buhahahaha! No, seriously. I was taking notes during the event and that resulted with more than 4 pages A4 format (or 9 small pages). I hope I will soon process all the informations I got and cover it later in a separate article.

Don’t worry if you have missed the FSec Underground event in May. The next one should happen in June, so, please make sure that you are following event updates on their Facebook page.

Until next time, keep calm and hack on! ;)

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