Back to school we GO

Jasna Benčić on 30 Mar 2018

This is not going to be the blog post about Ellen Jackson’s book. It will be about the GO programming language.

Most recently Kraken’s CEO Marin Bek has started a little school of programming in GO language for his employees. Can your CEO program? Well, ours can and he’s willing to teach us the new stuff so we can all GO forward (pun intended) with the business and innovate stuff with new and exciting technology.

So far we had two classes. First one was more like an intro to the GO programming language. For example, who is the author of the GO programming language, where can you download it from, how to set it up, what editors to use, tips & tricks… Just so we can get the big picture out of it…

Second class was a continuance where we learned about data types and data structures. This part was a bit challenging and therefore it has involved drawing on the whiteboard because you can’t figure right out whether you’re dealing with the slice or an array or both? Scratches head…

Marin explaining the difference between arrays and slices

My first impression after those two classes is that GO programming language looks like python, C++ and ruby glued together. It looks a bit weird until you get used to its syntax and until you figure out all of its nukes and crannies.

There will be few more classes and the rest is just practice, practice, practice. Of course, our CEO can expect us to interrupt him (while he’s working) to help us with the GO debugging. Sorry boss. :)

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