What we do

Designing, implementing and maintaining robust and scalable distributed systems is our passion and expertise

Solution and system architecture

Regardless whether you have a software project that needs to be designed from scratch or an existing system that needs to be redesigned to fit your needs, you can rely on our system and solution architects.

Our architect team designed and coordinated development of solutions supporting Nestle, Ferrero and other well-known companies spanning 4 continents. Years of experience tackling extreme challenges in real-time data delivery, high-availability and data processing ensure any challenge you throw at us will be handled by proven world-class experts.

No matter whether you are a startup or a corporation requiring ISO 27001 compliance, our expertise, work etiquette and track-record will result in a rock-solid solution satisfying your every need.

Development and implementation

If you do not have resources to tackle software development required to realize your goals, our team of experienced developers along with contractors at our disposal will make your project come true.

Our senior staff can also lead and coordinate the effort combining your and our developers, maximizing efficiency and ensuring best possible velocity towards success.

Data science & machine learning

Collecting, preprocessing and storing data is just a first step in the chain of events. If you need help in making sense of your data, our team of data scientist led by a renown PhD data scientist will make it happen.

Cleaning up messy data, finding meaning and patterns in vast terabytes and ultimately using latest AI methodologies to tailor a machine learning system for your is what we do. We crunched our way through marketing data, online reviews, stocks, ECGs and we are eager for new challenges!

System management and 24/7 support

Kraken's experienced DevOps team consisting of SysOps, DevOps and expert DBAs will make sure your system runs flawlessly 24/7 anywhere on the planet. They designed and implemented deployment processes and cloud systems with up to 200 servers across 4 continents ensuring "six nines" availability.

Automatizing deployment processes, monitoring the entire stacks of services and applications, setting up elaborate alerting protocols and disaster recovery procedures always comes with security audits from certified professionals. Nothing is left to chance.

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