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Summer Internship @ Kraken Systems starting in July!

Working in Kraken

We can't offer you perks like Google in Zurich or a dedicated Thai chef that will pamper you daily. But if you want to work in a smallish team full of stimulative, inquisitive minds tackling interesting long-term projects with foreign partners, join us! You won't work on run-of-the-mill Wordpress sites, develop accounting apps or mind-numbing mobile games - you will tackle 21st century healthcare challenges, implement world-wide machine learning personalisation systems and attempt in-house projects just for the challenge of it!

If that's not enough to convince you, we offer any equipment you want, 24/7 gym, any books you wish for, internal trainings by senior staff, certifications, conferences and meetups. We also unwind in a villa in Istria, break bones snowboarding in Austria and release the inner child in aquaparks


Competitive salary
Equipment of your choice
Flexible hours
Retirement plan
Internal library
Team building
Unlimited supply of coffee
Gym membership

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